An efficient business is a profitable one. If you can streamline processes you'll be able to cut down on costs, fulfill more orders and keep both customers and employees happy.

Embrace technology

Using the right technology within your business can really help you to keep on top of things like sales, emails, customer queries and car status updates.

It's important to have a system that will keep every member of staff up-to-date with recent orders, what cars are ready to be picked up and which will be late. Using software like Auto Scheduler Advantage can cut down on missed communications and unhappy customers.

The last thing you want is for a customer to turn up ready to collect their new car when it's not even ready.

Another amazing advancement in technology that can help a business run more efficiently is cloud computing. If you run your computer system over cloud servers, you'll get rid of down-time, any member of staff will be able to work remotely and you won't have to worry about in-house server support.

Get staff on short training courses

Of course, sales staff will need sales training but consider training all your staff on things like admin, time-management and productivity. These could be short half-day courses that don't take up too much time or money. However, the boost in productivity and organization can be really handy.

Let others do the work

If you find your team are spending too much time on admin work, outsource this to someone else. You can find companies who will take on even the most dull and time-consuming tasks.

This can free up your own staff so they can spend more time keeping customers happy and selling cars. Keep things simple and let staff focus on their true role within the company, don't let their workload get clogged with other things.

Stop having meetings

While the occasional meeting can be beneficial, they're mostly a waste of time. If you need an update from all of your staff, take five minutes of their time individually so the rest can get on with selling. Or, request a short update via email.

A Monday morning meeting is going to do nothing other than delay the working week.

Making your staff more efficient and giving them the tools to manage their time better will lead to more sales, happier customers and employees who love what they do.