Case Study 3 - Auto Scheduler Advantage™ Offers Tom Holzer Ford a Solution They Can't Live Without


Tom Holzer Ford is a premier Ford dealership in the Detroit Metro Area. They sell new and pre-owned vehicles for both consumer and business fleet needs. Tom Holzer Ford employs an experienced staff and strives to provide them with tools to help them work more efficiently.


As part of their goal to maintain being a premier dealership, Tom Holzer Ford knew that customer satisfaction would play a key part in achieving that goal. But before they could focus on the customer, they also knew that some internal changes were needed first. “We were having a big issue with scheduling cars for detailing,“ said Karim Abboud, General Manager at Tom Holzer Ford. “We knew that in order for our customers to be happy, we needed to make sure that our staff was happy first.”

Their main challenge was to stop infighting among their sales staff. When a deal was finished, the salesperson would schedule the sold car to be detailed before being delivered to the customer. Without a reliable scheduling system in place, salespeople would often bump other sales people's deals during the process. This caused a lot of animosity and infighting among the sales staff.

Not only did this make for an unfriendly work environment, deals that were promised to customers within a specified time were often delivered late. Not only did this cause problems internally but it also left customers frustrated at having to wait longer than anticipated to drive their car home.


When Mr. Abboud realized how serious the problem had become, he knew that he had to find a solution that gave his staff the ability to work better together as well as get customers into their cars faster. Although he was concerned about what options were available, he knew that something had to change.

“I contacted David Miller at Auto Scheduler Advantage™ and knew he could provide a solution for us,” said Abboud. “David was easy to talk to and understood the problems we were having and how his software could help us to operate more efficiently.”

Tom Holzer Ford started using Auto Scheduler Advantage™ and realized very quickly how it would help them reach their goals.


A System That Provided Accuracy and Tracking

Since Auto Scheduler Advantage™ was implemented at Tom Holzer Ford, they have seen significant improvements throughout the dealership. Not only were processes improved for both the sales and service departments but their accounting records became more accurate with the ability to track purchase orders.

“When we started using the software, we realized how inefficient our original process was,” said Abboud. “Even though we had to make sure that all of the employees using the software had access to a PC, it was well worth it because it made it much easier for everyone to see what was going on at any given moment.”

A Flexible System Tailored to Their Needs

One key aspect of implementing the software that was beneficial to them really didn't have anything to do with fancy features. It had everything to do with how the system could be adapted to their specific needs.

“Anytime I needed something changed, all I had to do was get in touch with David and it was fixed.” This allowed them to have software that worked specifically to their dealership's needs and gave them the flexibility to make the program work for them.

Better Scheduling, Happier Customers

The changes that have happened since Tom Holzer Ford started using Auto Scheduler Advantage™ have significantly improved how their departments interact with each other. Their sales department knows when they can schedule the delivery of a vehicle to their customer and their service department knows what to expect and when.

Now when a customer purchases a car, they know when they'll be able to drive their car home without any further delays. “It's definitely streamlined our process and has made it easier for everyone to work together,” says Abboud. “I don't know what I'd do without it.”


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