Vehicle reconditioning and the need for speed

The incredible shrinking margins! It’s sounds like the title for a Hollywood horror movie, but for many auto dealers it’s a reality when it comes to reconditioned cars. The cost to acquire a used vehicle, clean it, recondition it and get it on the lot is going up while well-informed consumers are pushing the sales prices down.

What’s a dealer to do?

Improve your speed and coordination through better scheduling.

Simply put: the faster you can get a vehicle reconditioned in a quality manner, the faster

How to Improve Your Service Scheduling and Your Revenue

It’s one of the most important rules in business - it’s a lot cheaper to keep and grow your existing customers than it is to find new ones. What’s one of the fastest ways to lose your existing customers? Keep them waiting. From the time a service customer first calls to the moment they leave with their vehicle, your business is given an opportunity. Will you surprise and delight your customer,

It's the Little Things that Matter with Your Car Dealership

If you have a car dealership, believe it or not, you’re not just selling cars. You’re also not just selling merchandise, oil changes, and maintenance plans. No, you’re selling an experience and a relationship. If you fail to sell this experience and make your customers want to have a relationship with you, then you’re losing sales. Let’s talk about a few of the little things you can do that will have