Case Study 2 - Auto Scheduler Advantage™ Provides Dilawri Group With a Powerful Tool to Track Cars Between Six Different Dealerships Located in Close Proximity to their Detailing Department


The Dilawri Auto Group located in Winnipeg, Manitoba has six dealerships in close proximity to DMAX Auto Detailing. DMAX is a professional automotive detailing shop. Since 2005, they have been a trusted resource for their community and visitors from all over alike for all detail and scratch repair needs. DMAX Auto Detailing employs a staff that is constantly training to find better solutions for their customers.

DMAX provides detailing services for six car dealerships in the Dilawri Automotive Group as well as direct retail of various services.


When Anthony Enns started working at DMAX Auto Detailing, he instantly saw a need for improvement. As their Operations Manager, it was his job to make sure that everything ran smoothly and that their staff worked as efficiently as possible.

Although they had great systems in place, the problem was simply that they weren't using them. “They had purchased Auto Scheduler Advantage™ software prior to my starting with the company but no one was using it,” said Enns. “They weren't using it because no one had ever learned it so no one knew what to do with it.”

It became clear that in order for their shop to work more efficiently, they had to utilize the tools they already had instead of making any major changes.


Once Mr. Enns realized the power behind Auto Scheduler Advantage™, he knew that the staff had to learn how to start using it. “I basically enforced that people had to start using the software,” said Enns. “I implemented multiple training sessions so that everyone could learn how the system worked and what the benefits were to using it.”

Even though the software was already in place, it still needed to be adapted so that DMAX could use it according to their specific needs. “I contacted David Miller at Auto Scheduler Advantage™ and it was easy to see why the software was so good,” said Enns. “David understood our business and it was easy to explain what problems we were facing. He added the functionality that we needed to the program for us so we could use it to our maximum advantage.”


Total Control of Ingoing & Outgoing Inventory

Once the staff was trained, they could track their inventory more efficiently. The software allows them to track previously serviced vehicles and provides them with a complete history so that when a repeat customer comes in, the service department knows exactly when they've come in to the shop and what work was performed.

In addition, any current vehicles being serviced are scheduled and tracked through the system allowing them to know their status at any given time. Customers don't need to remember what's been done to their vehicle in the past and they have a better understanding of how long their wait time is until their vehicle is ready to be delivered.

Adaptable and Streamlined System

Since DMAX has a slightly different setup than the average car dealership, they needed to make a few changes to the software so that it worked according to their specifications. “When I spoke with David, he made me realize that the software was completely adaptable and anything we needed could be changed to meet our needs,” says Enns. “David is clearly the best customer service person I have ever worked with.”

By working with Miller, Mr. Enns soon realized that not only could the software be adapted but there were also a lot of user-modifiable aspects as well. This allowed for an adaptable and streamlined tool that could be used by any member of the staff to enhance their efficiency.

A Constantly Improving Tool

In the few instances that they've had to make adjustments to the software, they never had to wait for an extended period of time for those changes to be made. “I really appreciate the effort that David has made at streamlining the product for us,” said Enns. “Anything that's come up, he's taken care of right away.”

Although they have had a few minor issues when installing updates to the software, any problems were handled quickly. This has resulted in having software that is constantly improving and is custom made to their shop's specific needs.


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