Case Study 1 - Buff Whelan Chevrolet Focuses on a More Efficient System with the Help of Auto Scheduler Advantage™


Buff Whelan Chevrolet is a car dealership in the greater Detroit area. They sell new and used vehicles for consumer and commercial use. They strive to keep their staff trained and working to their fullest potential.


A major challenge faced by Buff Whelan Chevrolet was the difficulty in finding out whether or not a car was ready for delivery. This also translated into unhappy customers, as the sales staff could not give them an accurate answer as to how long they would have to wait for their vehicle.

“Sales people were running back and forth trying to figure out where a car was at and when it would be done,” says Dan Maniaci, Service Director at Buff Whelan Chevrolet. “They were wasting a lot of time trying to track the vehicles on paper and walking that piece of paper around to the different departments as needed.”

This paper-based system was keeping them from actually getting any work done since they were chasing paper all day instead of being at their desk. At any given time, their system was ineffective as it couldn’t be updated in a way that let everyone know what was going on at any given time.


As the situation became more overwhelming, Mr. Maniaci approached David Miller at Auto Scheduler Advantage™ for help. “I worked with David and helped him design the software so that we could find a way to make our sales people work more efficiently,” says Maniaci. “We also wanted to maintain our goal of making customer satisfaction a key part of our business.”

Once the software was put in place, efficiency was significantly improved. The easy-to-use platform allowed every department to be more organized. Buff Whelan Chevrolet’s customers also benefited as they were better informed as to the status of their vehicle and how long they would have to wait.


Software that Automatically Notifies of Any Issues

Going from a paper-based system to one that was automated made a significant difference in how Buff Whelan Chevrolet operated. Auto Scheduler Advantage™ has built-in systems to indicate when a problem arises in operations.

One of the solutions is a color-coded system that clearly indicates when there’s a problem going on. The software has a way of changing colors in certain areas when an item is overdue for delivery or it can also indicate if the dealership is headed for a bottleneck when it comes to servicing vehicles.

The color-coded system gives all of the staff an easy way to know where a problem exists and can also indicate a problem before it becomes a major issue. This helps alleviate any potential customer-related issues and avoids any frustration of running late with a promised delivery.

Easily Accessible Web-Based System

One key component of Auto Scheduler Advantage™ is the fact that it can be accessed anywhere where there is an internet connection. This enhances the fact that everyone knows what’s going on at any given time.

“I like the fact that I can access the software from anywhere,” says Maniaci. “If I’m out of town or out of the office, I am still aware of what’s going on and can track how well inventory is moving.”

This also gives sales people a chance to check on their customer’s delivery and keep them updated from wherever they are. Customer’s become more involved in the process as they have a good idea as to when they’ll be able to drive their new purchase home.


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