Auto Scheduler Advantage CS

Still trying to update and keep track of paper lists? Still juggling multiple schedules across multiple departments? Frustrated by not being able to see up-to-the-minute statuses of cars and appointments? Well, say goodbye to the auto dealership Dark Ages.

Fully Optimize your Entire Dealership with one System!

Imagine… with just one click, access Sales, Service, Scheduling, Deliveries, even Detail and Staffing… all of it. No more basic write-up service, no more hassles, no more miscommunications, or worse – missed opportunities to get the cars from your dealership (Point A) to the customer (Point B) as quickly and efficiently as possible. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Providing expert and professional customer service to ensure highly-satisfied and repeat business? If your dealership is wasting time getting from Point A to Point B, that’s costing you money. Period.

That’s where Auto Scheduler Advantage CS comes in. With the introduction of our CS (Comprehensive Scheduling) version, different departments within car dealerships can separately schedule their operations and remain independent and fully in control of the work to which they are responsible. We’ve made this new automated system completely user-friendly, so even the least tech-savvy can easily navigate each screen, ensuring that every department stays on-point, and your dealership operations remain fully optimized!

The new CS version of our software provides you with these key features:

  • Adjustable width for wider display – Making the schedules easier to read.
  • Multiple Operations – Lets you see at a glance what needs to be done to each car, so you know exactly where your cars are in-process.
  • Make/Model drop downs on the Scheduling Maintenance screen – Making it even easier for your Salespeople to schedule cars.
  • Additional schedules for different types of work to be performed – Allows you to better manage your internal resources.
  • Accessories Schedule – Helps you to better manage an important profit center.
  • Sales Appointment Schedule – Offers much more efficient management of prospecting.
  • Reconditioning Schedule – Allows for tracking the status and turn-times when getting those trade-ins ready for resale.
  • Finance Log Schedule – Know when your customers are coming in to talk to Finance.
  • Sales Appointment Schedule – Your Internet Manager can easily schedule customers to come in and speak with Sales People.
  • Lease Returns Schedule – Allows you and your staff to better track and handle customer Lease Returns.
  • Complete Flexibility – In any schedule, you can set pre-defined time slots, or assign a time slot on-demand.
  • Rollover Readouts – Provides you with a way to see more detail without having to drill-down into the scheduling maintenance screen.
  • Do you require more details? You can setup multiple work centers and operations for any of your schedules.
  •  – For Easier Scheduling of Cars.

Our CS version makes it easier for you to manage more scheduling areas within your dealership.


If you've decided that the CS version would be better for your dealership operation, you get the same 30-Day Risk-Free Test Drive as the Standard Version.

The CS version normally sells for $797.00 per month, however, if you sign up before July 31, 2024, we will lock you in at only $697.00 per month for your entire first year. That's a huge savings of $1,200!

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