Events should be an integral part of any marketing plan. They give you a good chance to talk to customers, reach new ones and show off what you can do. If you create events that get people talking, you're likely to be remembered when it comes to that person's next car purchase.


Holding a sales event is another way of getting people through the door. Other than dropping prices and creating promotional material, no special effort has to be made. These events can run over a few days or a week. Let customers know that the sale is on for a limited amount of time to get them in.

Launch events

Whether you're launching a new car or a new servicing package, you can have a launch event to let customers and press know all about it. When inviting customers you should look at their purchase history and demographic. Only invite customers who might have an interest in what you're launching. This means your event doesn't need to cater for anyone and everyone, you can keep the numbers small.

Reward existing customers

Events can be used to reward existing customers. Invite high spenders or those who are due to buy a new car. The event can be to show off new vehicles and packages but there should also be drinks, food and perhaps even some entertainment.

Try to create an event that makes customers feel important and will give them something to talk about.

Press events

Inviting the press along to an event can be a great start to long-lasting, and very valuable, relationships. Make sure the press will get something out of an event. It might be a story about a new car launch or the chance to test drive something special.

Once the event is over, keep in touch with the press. Send them your stories, offer to quote on local/industry news and share your expertise.

Make it easy to register

You'll need to know who is coming to your event so you should make it easy for people to register. Use a system such as Eventbrite, or make sure you have a system of keeping on top of RSVPs. This way you'll know how many people you'll need to cater for.

Take photos

Make sure you take photos at all your events. These pictures can be sent to press, used in promotional material and posted on your website. It's nice to let customers know what you've been up to and it can help to promote future events.